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Kolley's Exterminating Company. | Silver Spring, MD

I feel like a review for an exterminator should be tucked away in a quiet, dark corner of Yelp, but I was so impressed with this company I shall forge ahead in the new format anyway.
A year or so ago I put up a bird feeder in my yard where I could see it from my kitchen window. I loved watching the birds, especially the colorful Cardinals. But we have lots of trees and shrubs in our yard and we are half a block from the woods and eventually some "undesirable guests" started coming by to eat the bird seed that spilled on the ground. I was in denial for a while that "these rodents" could be in my yard. This morning though I couldn't try to ignore the problem anymore and got a recommendation for an exterminator. I called Kolley's and the pleasant woman who answered explained to me what they would need to do and the cost. The price for an initial visit and weekly follow-up for 30 days was very reasonable. She said she would see if she could get me an appointment for that afternoon. There was one available and she gave me the time frame.
About a half an hour later the phone rang and our service technician asked if he could come by early, in about 10 minutes. Yes, of course--we don't have to sit and wait all afternoon! Our technician listened to our problem and looked around our yard, then reassured us that our "undesirable guests" were almost certainly not also in the house as we would have noticed evidence of their presence. Oh, thank you, thank you. He was very careful about where he placed baits in the yard as we have dogs and also our grand-daughter is a frequent visitor. He comes back for the next few weeks to check everything and do what he needs to do (don't ask cause I'm not sure and really don't want to know). Oh, and added plus, he didn't try to sell me a bunch of other inspections and contracts and scare tactics!

S. W.

A. Burns
North Potomac, MD

Sprayed outside and inside in the kitchen for ants. Appt available with a few days of my call. Short window of apt time. Arrived on time, explained service...in and out quickly. With one follow-up visit, my ants are gone. Service included repeat visits within the month until problem solved. I really appreciate that they are available for services as needed as opposed to other services which are available only with contracts.

R McGoff

I have an annual contract with them They were recommended by my builder who was very satisfied with them.

E Roth

I use Kolley's Exterminating. They come by for a yearly termite inspection. A year ago we had some termites show up on our outside porch and they were good about it. The best experience with them was carpenter bees, and they took care of it. We have used them for years. They show up to do the job, they are considerate, and we haven't had any bugs.

A Santy


Kolley's came in to help us get rid of an ant problem (the little tiny ants)

We used Kolley's for the first time through the Big Deal. We then signed up to have Kolley's come each month and spray. So far, so good. They are punctual and when we're not home to let them in they spray the exterior of the home. The spraying helps keep the ants at bay and kills any other little critters that may try to come in. When we've needed them to re spray they always do within a day or two of the request. So far, no complaints.

C. Talbert
Pest Control/Exterminating

Kolley's inspected for pests all around interior and exterior of home, evaluated type of pest and the insecticide needed, sprayed many areas interior and exterior. Fast, polite and professional.

G Hartzoge

He inspected termites and other creatures. He went around the house and treated as well as inside of the house.
It went great. I was real pleased. They were very professional and knowledgeable. He explained everything to us as he went through the process. He explained exactly what he was doing.